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Lentor Mansion Guocoland: GuocoLand Limited Established in 2002 to Focus on Property Sector


Since its establishment, Lentor Mansion Guocoland has enjoyed a successful track record in property development, investment, and management. The firm has a strong presence in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Australia, and Vietnam, as well as in other regions throughout Asia.

One of the firm’s projects, the Lentor Mansion, is a collection of freehold residential apartments situated near Lentor MRT Station. Here, residents can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and access to a wide variety of nearby amenities that can fulfil their everyday needs.

On 18 November 2002, GuocoLand Limited was established, taking on the same name as its parent company, Guoco Group Limited, which is listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. This shift in naming was implemented to reflect the organisation’s focus on the property sector.

In 2004, the Group ventured into the Malaysian real estate market, acquiring a substantial stake in GuocoLand (Malaysia) Berhad, a renowned Malaysian real estate firm listed on the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

This provided GuocoLand with a direct connection to four development projects in London and Sydney that have already been set in motion, considerably reducing any potential project risks.

The Group was a pioneer in the crafting of 99-year leasehold condominiums in Singapore, mainly for locals who were upgrading from the Housing Development Board (“HDB”). These pioneering developments provided an opportunity for such upgraders to enter the private residential property market.
This strategic partnership has enabled GuocoLand to expand its presence in the United Kingdom and Australia, leveraging Eco World’s expertise and experience in developing residential and commercial properties to create value-for-money assets.

In 2017, GuocoLand embarked on a venture to expand its horizons beyond Asia, partnering with Eco World Development Group Berhad in Eco World International Berhad. Taking advantage of Eco World’s knowledge in constructing cost-efficient residential and commercial buildings, GuocoLand was able to successfully extend its reach into the UK and Australia markets. This strategic alliance has enabled GuocoLand to maximise value by creating financial assets in both countries.

GuocoLand Limited, currently listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited, clocked in total assets worth $12.01 billion and a total equity attributable to ordinary equity holders valued at $4.27 billion as of 30 June 2023.

In the late 1990s, the Group ventured into property development and investment, an endeavor which has now become the Group’s core business. Property development, property investment, property management, and other property-related activities form the foundation of the Group’s activities.
Recently, they announced the completion of the Midtown Modern integrated development in Singapore. The building contains two residential towers which feature 693 exclusive apartments.

Singapore-based GuocoLand and its subsidiaries have extensive property operations in Singapore, China and Malaysia. They have recently announced the completion of the Midtown Modern integrated development in Singapore, which contains two residential towers with 693 exclusive apartments. This marks a milestone in the company’s growth and success in the property sector.
GuocoLand is one of the leading property developers in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Founded in 1968, the company has grown from strength to strength over the years and now has a presence in more than 10 countries across the globe.

The parent company of GuocoLand is GuoLine Capital Assets Limited, which is a member of the Hong Leong group of companies. Established in 1968, the company has developed into one of the leading property developers in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Through the years, GuocoLand has expanded its reach to more than 10 countries around the world. Its comprehensive portfolio of assets includes commercial and residential properties, hospitality assets and integrated developments. GuocoLand is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory as it continues to be strongly supported by the Hong Leong group.

As of June 30, 2023, the organization had total assets of S$12.01 billion and total equity attributable to ordinary equity shareholders of S$4.27 billion.

In September 2006, GuocoLand made an investment into Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and was granted with an Investment Licence to design and construct a comprehensive development on a 17.5-hectare area in Binh Duong Province.
GuocoLand Limited has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 1991.

GuocoLand Limited is a public company that has been listed on the Singapore Exchange since 1991. As a part of Guoco Group Limited owned by the Hong Leong Group, this award-winning developer has consistently produced quality and innovative designs and concepts for their developments. Over the years, GuocoLand Limited has grown into a reputable and established name in the industry.

On September 30th, 1978, First Capital Corporation Ltd underwent a transformation and became a public company, and its shares were subsequently listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX-ST) on November 14th, 1978. Following the sale of the Group’s then-principal asset, the Hyatt Regency, Singapore, in 1986, the organization shifted its focus and became an investment holding firm.

In April 2017, GuocoLand achieved a major breakthrough in its pursuit of international expansion, forging a strategic partnership with Eco World Development Group Berhad and Eco World International Berhad. This alliance enables the firm to venture into the unfamiliar markets of United Kingdom and Australia.

GGL is a leading investment holding and management firm, with its headquarters based in Hong Kong. Through its various subsidiaries and associated companies, the company engages in key investment activities, property development, hospitality and leisure, and financial services. GGL’s operations span across Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and Australasia.
Its business portfolio includes power solutions and an extensive selection of products for home and lifestyle purposes.

HLG, a global giant with its presence on major stock exchanges and a team of over 35,000 professionals, is renowned for its power solutions and comprehensive range of home and lifestyle products. With its corporate headquarters based abroad, HLG has extended its reach beyond its homeland and now enjoys success on a global scale.

The Group is renowned for a number of iconic residential projects, such as Wallich Residence, Martin Modern, Midtown Modern and Lentor Modern. These developments are renowned for their distinctive designs, modern amenities and exceptional quality, and have become instant landmarks in the cities they are located in.
It started out through joint ventures with local partners for the acquisition and development of residential projects, and successfully achieved sales of more than 4,000 units over the years.

The Group has been engaging in the real estate sector of Singapore in addition to its involvement in China since 1994. Having established joint ventures with local partners, it has acquired and developed residential projects across major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Tianjin. Its efforts have been fruitful, leading to the sale of over 4,000 units to date.

The Company’s Code of Corporate Governance (referred to as “Company Code”), which contains the terms of reference for the Board of Directors as well as its Committees, is aligned with the principles and provisions of Code 2018.
The Company has applied the general principles of the Code 2018 in conducting the activities, operations and management of the Company in the best interest of the Company and its stakeholders.

Throughout FY2023, the Company has maintained its commitment to the principles and stipulations in the Code of Corporate Governance 2018 (“Code 2018”). All activities, operations and management of the Company have been conducted in the best interests of the Company and its stakeholders, and in accordance with the general principles of the Code 2018.

The Company was recognised as one of the 489 listed companies on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”) that were evaluated in the Singapore Governance and Transparency Index 2022, and placed 49th in the rankings.
With a strong portfolio of integrated developments, investment properties and serviced residences, the Group is well positioned to capitalize on opportunities across the Asia region.

GuocoLand Limited and its subsidiaries (the Group) possess a prominent portfolio of integrated developments, investment properties and serviced residences, thereby making them well-placed to take advantage of possibilities across the Asian area. The Group is a leading real estate organization that is dedicated to expanding through its two driving forces of Property Investment and Property Development.

Since its inception, the Group has achieved remarkable success, having launched and sold 34 residential projects in Singapore, resulting in over 9000 dwellings. This has resulted in the Group becoming a major player in the private residential housing sector in Singapore.

Founded in 1963, the Hong Leong Group (HLG) is a major conglomerate in South East Asia. It has global reach and operates in a number of industries, including financial services, manufacturing and distribution, property development and investing, hospitality and leisure, consumer goods, healthcare, and principal investments. HLG is dedicated to bringing the highest quality of products and services to its customers.
The Company seeks to continuously improve its corporate governance practices and policies to meet the changing needs and expectations of its shareholders.

GuocoLand Limited (the “Company”) is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance and cultivating a robust and wholesome corporate culture to ensure the long-term success and prosperity of the Company and to maximize its shareholders’ value. The Company is committed to refining its corporate governance practices and policies to meet the ever-changing requirements and expectations of its shareholders.

The Group boasts an impressive track record when it comes to creating unique, mixed-use developments and luxury residential properties that improve and rejuvenate surrounding communities. Their aim is to provide exceptional architectural designs and amenities that benefit the people who live and work in the area.

The Company reaffirmed its commitment to upholding excellence in corporate governance by supporting the Corporate Governance Statement of Support formed by the Securities Investors Association Singapore (SIAS).
and facilities management.

The Group’s competencies encompass the entire real estate value chain, from conception and designing to investment, development, management, asset supervision and amenities maintenance. With its extensive experience in the sector, the Group is well-placed to deliver comprehensive, integrated services to its clients.

Located 17km to the north of Ho Chi Minh City, this attractive spot is a favored destination for tourists and locals alike. Situated in the heart of Vietnam, this popular destination offers a wealth of activities to suit every taste. With a range of attractions from historical sites to fun-filled amusement parks, this location has something to offer everyone. Visitors can explore the city’s vibrant nightlife, enjoy delicious cuisine, and discover unique shopping opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed day in the sun, or an exciting adventure, this area offers a variety of options to suit every need.

The company possesses, invests in and manages a portfolio of excellent commercial and mixed-usage properties, offering steady, repeating rental income with probable capital appreciation.

Throughout FY2023, the Company remained listed on SGX Fast Track programme, an initiative launched by Singapore Exchange Regulation to reward issuers that uphold strong corporate governance standards and maintain an excellent compliance record. This recognition reflected the Company’s commitment to adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance and compliance.

The Group’s portfolio of investment properties was valued at $6.20 billion as of 30 June 2023. These properties can be found in key markets in Singapore, China and Malaysia, such as the Guoco Tower and Guoco Midtown in Singapore, Guoco Changfeng City in Shanghai, and Damansara City in Kuala Lumpur.
GGL is a multi-faceted real estate group with operations in Hong Kong and China. The group is involved in the development, residential and commercial leasing, hospitality, industrial and office leasing and investment inholiday resorts.

GGL is a listed company on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, part of the Hong Leong Group. The company operates in the real estate industry in both Hong Kong and China, and its activities cover a range of areas, such as development, residential and commercial leasing, hospitality, industrial and office leasing, and investment in holiday resorts.
It was subsequently renamed GuocoLand Limited on 22 June 1994. GuocoLand is principally engaged in the development, sale, leasing and management of properties, including hotel and residential properties.

GuocoLand Limited (“GuocoLand”) was established in Singapore as Sealion Hotels Pte Ltd on March 31, 1976. The company was subsequently renamed GuocoLand Limited on June 22, 1994. GuocoLand’s primary focus is the development, sale, leasing and management of properties, such as hotels and residential properties.

GuocoLand, a company listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange, is part of Guoco Group Limited, which is listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. Its parent organization is one of the foremost conglomerates based in Hong Kong.…